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Powering The Live Web.

Realtime Messaging is a high performance Pub/Sub messaging system.

We are broadcasting

messages per second

user connections (24h)

Launches the first

Time & Engagement monetization platform for mobile apps and gaming.

In partnership with WebSpectator.

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Realtime meets AWS's
Dynamo DB

Realtime Cloud Storage is a fast and fully managed backend-as-a-service (BaaS) designed for internet scale applications with built-in powerful real-time notifications features.

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Cloud Manager

Learn how you can use Nubium to bring predictive intelligence and automation to your infrastructure.

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Integrated Marketing for the Live Web

We are currently turning


anonymous visitors into engaged buyers.

Worldwide Leader in Cloud Realtime® Messaging

We're also the fastest Realtime Messaging Service on Earth, providing one to one, one to many, many to many realtime messaging connections.

  • We are broadcasting


    messages per second

  • 320,319,840

    user connections (24h)

  • 918,294

    current connections

Check our Realtime® products for your business

For websites and apps, transform your digital presence to a real-time pace with our Realtime® Web Frameworks

  • A highly scalable realtime cloud messaging system and a cloud database backend-as-a-service. All in one API, with no servers required. know more →
  • A new and revolutionary way to monitor and be in touch with your visitors in real-time. know more →
  • Learn how you can use Nubium to bring predictive intelligence and automation to your infrastructure. know more →

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10 reasons

for using our Realtime® Framework

  • Push content to your users, from several sources, without page refreshes
  • Do a lot more with a lot less bandwith
  • Detect visitors trends in realtime, don't wait for next week's report
  • Welcome your visitors with today's hot deal, not with yesterday's old promotion.
  • Reduce development time and costs by using an easy-to-use framework
  • Decrease server load dramatically while providing information by the second
  • Make decisions based on what's happening right now at your website
  • Interact directly with of your users. Or any group of users. Or all of them!
  • Increase your conversion rate with instant on-the-fly information about your visitors
  • Be in control of each visitor's experience in realtime

How Realtime® works

Keep in mind that Realtime® is for everyone — From the beginner to advanced developer. This is a Javascript example:


ortcClient.send('ChannelName', 'Message content');


ortcClient.subscribe('ChannelName', true, function
    (ortc, channel, message) {
    // Do something cool here
Realtime® has APIs for a plethora of platforms and languages
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