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Powering The Live Web

The Realtime Framework makes the web ‘the live web’, offering total interaction and engagement in real time. It’s a unique means for a company to conduct a live online relationship with clients, and has the massive advantage of allowing interaction to happen live in real-time, without delays or page refreshes, to create a durable and bidirectional relationship with each online user.


Realtime’s Framework is a blindingly fast bi-directional persistently connected messaging system with two main components:

  • Enabling the live web is ORTC (Open Real-time Connectivity): A simple to use, secure, fast and highly scalable cloud-hosted, real-time, many-to-many messaging system for web and mobile apps running on all device types, ORTC broadcasts messages to millions of users in a fast and secure way using the publish/subscribe model
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  • The language of the Live Web s xRTML (Extensible Realtime Multiplatform Language). a set of api tools to build realtime web and mobile apps with an easy to use API based on a JavaScript library.
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Main Features

  • Non-disruptive to current infrastructure - being easily added to existing web sites with a very few lines of code;
  • Updates data in the user’s interface as it changes - such as for stock exchange quotes or ever changing social news feeds;
  • Pushes data to a single user or to every connected user when needed - instead of waiting for the user’s browser to request it (as old-generation web applications do);
  • Increases message delivery speeds - (low latency) and saves bandwidth costs, allowing the development of web applications that until now would be too slow to be effective or too expensive to operate;
  • Scalable to millions of simultaneous users and ranging from simple real-time activity streams (like user comments) to complex collaborative applications like multiplayer games, new e-commerce product promotions or new content becoming available;
  • Provides a future proofed abstraction layer - that protects applications from the ever-changing array of real time server providers, thus freeing a company from using a single vendor technology or even protocol
  • Native device support - All benefits also applicable to the development of native mobile applications for iOS (iPhones/iPads), Android and Windows Phone devices, providing the solution for real time web and platform integrations with maximum ROI for businesses.

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